Board of Directors

John “Jack” Kirtley, Chairman

Jack is one of the original board members, having served since 1986 when the District was only responsible for sewer service and was known as the Star Sewer District. He helped to make domestic water service part of the District’s mission, and this transition included the acquisition, construction and installation of Star’s current domestic water infrastructure in 1991. Jack is the owner of Star Mercantile and Lumber, which was founded in 1916 and continues today under the third generation of Kirtleys. Jack is married and has two adult children who reside in Star.

Bruce Borup, Member

John joined the board for a second time in October 2023. John previously served on the Board March 2023 to May 2019. He decided to serve on the Board again because of his previous experience and he believes that being an active participant within the community helps to make it a great place to live and raise a family John was born in Utah but has lived in the Treasure Valley for almost 30 years. John is married and has four children and seven grandchildren.

Greg Timinsky, Member

Greg is currently the Chief of the Star Fire District and previously worked for 25 years for the Caldwell Fire Department. Greg joined the board in 2018 because he wanted an active role in planning for growth in Star, to help the District respond to new and changing state and federal regulations, and to ensure the District’s water system would continue to meet insurance related criteria for community fire protection. Greg grew up in Homedale and lived for several years in Caldwell before moving to Star four years ago. He is married with four children and two grandchildren.

Cindy Lou Birdwell, Member

Cindy was motivated to join the board because she wanted to ensure the community of Star and its residents would have access to clean, safe drinking water and efficient wastewater services. Cindy grew up in California but moved to Star in 2005. She is currently retired, but she spent her career working in the retail sector, including Star Mercantile and Lumber, Winco and Costco. She has three children – Sandy, Racquel and Andrea – and two grandchildren.

Andrew Abercrombie, Member

Andrew is no stranger to municipal water and sewer operations. Currently, he serves as Sewer & Water Operations Manager in Emmett. He is also the owner of Peerless Water Solution LLC, which provides water and wastewater treatment contract service and consulting in southwest Idaho. Andrew joined the board in 2019. A native of Michigan, Andrew and his wife and two children have lived in Star since 2014.