Rental Accounts

Rental Account Billing

For rental properties serviced by Star Sewer & Water District, there are separate responsibilities for renters and property owners to consider.

As a taxing district under Idaho code, the District has the authority to place liens on properties deemed delinquent on payments for water and wastewater services.

Landlords, property owners and property management companies have the option of making renters responsible for water and wastewater payments simply by putting the account in the name of the renter. In this case, all billings for water and wastewater service will be sent to the tenant. Monthly statements WILL NOT be sent to the property owner or manager when a tenant is occupying a property. However, if the account becomes delinquent a notice WILL BE sent to the tenant AND property owner/manager.

There is a $20.00 charge for each billing directive submitted. This fee will be added to the first bill sent to the tenant.

Although landlords and property managers will provide the District with the information required to setup new accounts, we recommend that renters complete the Start Service form to verify the accuracy of the new account. Renters moving out of a property should visit the Stop Service page, fill out the application and submit it to the District office so that a final bill can be generated.

If you are an owner of a property or the property management company, download and complete the Billing Directive Form, which authorizes the District to place the account in the name of the renter.

Renter’s Contact Information

Property owners, landlords and property management companies interested in putting the utility account in a tenant(s) name will need to complete the form above (RENTAL FORM). The completed form can be submitted to the main office via fax 208-286-7361 or email at  The completed form may also be attached to the form below as a file. For any questions, please contact staff at the main office at (208) 286-7388.

The property owner is ultimately responsible for all utility billings assessed to the property regardless of the party utilizing the service(s). Idaho State Code §42-3212 (l) states that delinquent rates, tolls and charges are to be certified to the tax collector of the county by the District not later than the first day of August and shall be, by the tax collector, placed upon the tax roll and collected in the same manner and subject to the same penalties as other District taxes. As a result, each July, the District certifies delinquent account balances to a dwelling’s property tax for collection.

Renter’s Contact Information
Landlord/Property Manager Information
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