Stop Service

Selling a property

If you are selling a home serviced by Star Sewer & Water District, your domestic water/sewer service will automatically be transferred out of your name with the assistance of the title company. The title company will provide the District with the information to complete the transfer. However, we encourage customers to complete the Stop Service form below to verify the accuracy of the account.

How the process works

If you are selling a home that receives utility services through Star Sewer & Water District, the title company will request an assessment on the property. This assessment will include the amount to be withheld from the seller or collected from the buyer at closing. These funds will be paid by the title company. After closing, the title company will send the funds, warranty deed, and property transfer form to the District. Services will not be disrupted during the transfer of ownership.  The final bill will be paid by the title company with escrowed funds. If more was withheld in escrow than owed on the final bill, the District will issue a refund.

If you are selling a property and have an automatic payment or paperless billing account through Xpress Bill Pay, please log in to the account to cancel the automatic payments and remove your email address.

For customers interested in stopping water and sewer service online, fill out the Stop Service form below and submit. The request will be delivered to our main office and processed.

For questions, please contact staff at (208) 286-7388.

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