District’s Routine Flushing of Fire Hydrant Lines Can Cause Short-Term Discoloration

04 January 2022

The District and the Star Fire Department follow a maintenance schedule that calls for periodic flushing of water lines that supply fire hydrants across our community. Flushing lines is an important preventative maintenance strategy, but one that can cause discoloration of our drinking water.

During flushing, water can take on a yellow, brown or reddish tint. This is caused by the loosening of harmless, naturally occurring mineral deposits that have built up on the inside of water lines.

There is no health hazard associated with water discolored during the flushing process. Should this happen in your home, the remedy is simple. We recommend running cold-water faucets in bathtubs or turning on outdoor spigots at full stream until the water runs clear once again. However, we also recommend avoiding washing clothes and limiting the use of hot water if you notice discolored water during flushing.

For questions, please contact the District’s main office at (208) 286-7388.